My bike won't turn.

Alex K.

The game must be played while holding your device with both hands in landscape position, tilting right or left to make the bike turn. If your bike does not turn even when you tilt your device during gameplay, please check that your device's accelerometer is working as expected by doing the following:

Use your OS control center to unlock screen orientation;
Inside Bike Race, change orientation from "landscape right" (when the charging outlet is near your right hand) to "landscape left". In other words, rotate it 180 degrees from landscape position.

If the screen orientation does not change, there may be something wrong with the accelerometer hardware. Please take your device to a specialist for an inspection. If the orientation changes, but the bike still does not rotate during gameplay, please contact our Customer Support team. After you are done performing this test, you may lock screen orientation if you wish. Bike rotation based on accelerometer should still work correctly even when the screen orientation is locked.